Pool closing with a communicating skimmer

05 March 2015

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How to close the pool with a communicating skimmer

When closing the pool, you must pay attention to the particularities of the communicating skimmer if this is the case for your pool. Some pools have a communicating skimmer or 2 pipes in the skimmer, so you must be careful when you close the pool. Here's how to make the winterizing:

First of all it is necessary to empty the pool to below the bottom of the skimmer. Second, remove the skimmer accessories (valve, basket union background, cover). Then blow the hose from the skimmer to the pump. Then add a gizzmo or add a cap in the pipe. After, add in the pipe going to the bottom drain, 4L of antifreeze and a roll of good expansion set about 36''. Insert blocks of foam in the skimmer if you do not have Gizzmo. Finally, put the lid of the skimmer in a plastic bag.

The hose connected to the skimmer can be located by the pool or away. Normally, the pipe going to the pool is the closest to it.

You can find all the necessary accessories on our Online Store.

Winterizing the skimmer is a very important piece of the pool closing puzzle. If it is not closed properly, it can cause damage to the pool and there will be costly repairs in the spring. Be smart and winterize your communicating skimmer in a good way.

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