Spa Recovery

05 March 2015

Pools and Spas Poseidon can always inform you on your pool and spa installations. For this reason, we offer you a good amount of advices to maintain your installations effectively and keep them in a good state. All the emails or comments that we receive are treated one by one carefully.

I want to know how to get rid of my spa. I would like to get rid of it and I think you offer this service. Does it cost anything? Do you buy the spa?

Thank you for any info on it.

Yes, indeed we offer this service.
At first, we offer this service when the spa's acrylic is in good condition.
To make the purchase, the spa must be functional. In addition, we would like to have photos if possible, know the size and number of jets.
For recovery, it will require that the spa is accesible, the door to the entrance of the current large enough to exit the spa vertically and electrically disconnect the spa.

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