What is the best time to close your spa

05 March 2015

When should you close your spa?

It is recommended, but especially more pleasant to close your spa as late as possible. Therefore, if you want to close your spa, you must continue to do your weekly maintenance until your closing appointment. As a result, it is important to keep good water chemistry until the winterization.  This way, your equipment will remain in good working condition and the spa will always be working well. However, if you want to lower the temperature, the ideal is to set it between 80 and 84 degrees (F). This will allow the chemicals to do work properly without spending too much electricity.

Ideal time: It is suggested to choose a date before the frost and snow begin. Closing your spa when it's below 0 degrees (F) outside can cause different problems. The water in your pipes will tend to freeze. Furthermore, jets and other spa accessories become more fragile as the temperature lower and therefore there is a higher risk of breakage while handling.

The recommended period for your spa closing is the beginning of November (November 1st to November 20th). For those who really want to maximize their season, the third and fourth week of November can still be a good choice. However, later than that date would be a little too risky. Consequently, it is imperative to let your spa run until closing. If this is not done, water can freeze in the pipes and cause damage to the filtration and to your spa.

If you have an in-ground spa, you must proceed with the closure as if it was a swimming pool closure.

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