Water Issues

05 March 2015

Water loss

  • Check the vinyl liner for imperfections or any signs of wear. If necessary, patch a vinyl.
  • Look for tears or separations around all fittings, skimmer, returns, cleaner line etc...
  • Check the inside of the skimmer for any trace of perforation.
  • Check for wet soil and eroded areas near your swimming pool to locate the leak.
  • Detect any trace of water near the filter and heater.
  • Check the inside of the light niches, especially between the water lens and the niche, replace if necessary.

Green water

Low pH: Do a shock treatment
Algae: Faire un traitement-choc


If water is green and slimy: Add algaecide concentrate and do a shock treatment 24 hours later.
If there are brown, black or yellowish spots: Add algaecide concentrate (40 % or 60 %) and increase chlorine weekly.

Milky white water

pH too high: Lower pH with pH decreaser
Suspended Algae in water: Add algaecide concentrate (40% or 60%)

Cloudy water

pH too high: Lower pH with pH decreaser.
Residual chlorine in suspension: Do a shock treatment.
Suspended Matter: Use a concentrated flocculent.

Foamy water

Lack of calcium: Add calcium.
Too much algaecide: Wait until the excess evaporates.

Metals in water

Green water - Copper: Add copper remover.
Reddish water – Iron: Add iron remover.

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