What water level to maintain for an in-ground spa during winter?

05 March 2015

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What is the ideal water level to maintain in an in-ground spa or in a nature spa during the winter?

It can be difficult to keep the in-ground spa empty during the winter. The ideal scenario is to completely winterize the spa (blow pipes, jets and accessories store) and then add plugs in back water in the skimmer so that water cannot return. After, put a protection foam in the skimmer.

Therefore, if you decide to leave the spa completely empty during the winter, add bags of rocks to add weight to the spa so it will not rise. It is good to add a minimum of about 12 bags of stones in the spa with a coating in each bag to not damage the acrylic. Then, add plywood boards and protective fabric well set on the ground.

If you do not want to put anything in the in-ground spa, fill it up near the mouth of the skimmer. Again, we can avoid the spa to move because of the weight of the water.

For a nature spa, you should really take the time to secure the plugs in the spa like this so that there will be no surprise in spring. A good spa closing is the key to the longevity of your spa.

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