What water level do you have to maintain in the pool during winter

05 March 2015

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What is the ideal water level to be maintained in the pool during the winter?

In general, it is not recommended to fully drain the pool during the winter. Therefore, it is necessary to lower the water level at the close at a certain level. This depends on the type of pool.

Above ground pool
For above-ground pool, it is best to lower the water up to 18'' below the skimmer. In addition, it is preferable to leave the a good water level in the pool with rain and snow. This way, the pool will retain its shape and prevent water spillage on the ground.

Pool or semi-inground with vinyl
For the pool or semi-inground, it is advisable to lower the water level up to 4'' in the backflow. Once the pool closing is done, let the water level rise in the pool during the winter until spring. Thus, the canvas will remain in place and the pool will be in good condition. If you see the canvas off walls like big bubble, it will fill up the pool below the skimmer so that the water in the pool is greater than the water around the pool. This way, the fabric will stick.

Inground pool fiberglass or concrete inground pool
For an inground pool concrete or fiberglass, it is first recommended to lower the water level under the jets to effect closure. Then, after the pipes were blown caps in place jets and skimmer winterized well, fill up the pool below the skimmer. This way, we avoid making pressure or moving the structure of the pool.

In sum, if possible, it is good to drain groundwater or water around the pool before closing the pool and keep the water around the pool as low as possible. This way, the pool will remain in the same original condition.

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