How to winterize your Coleman spa by Maax

05 March 2015

How to close your Coleman spa by Maax

Those are the recommandation giver by Coleman by Maax for the closing of the hot tub :

In cold climates where freezing temperatures occur, special care is required to prevent the possibility of damage to the spa and equipment due to freezing.

If you plan on using your spa during cold months,be sure your pump and heater are in good workingorder. The spa shell has been insulated to provide efficient operation in cold weather areas.

Note: If you elect not to drain your spa and thetemperature is going to be below freezing forextended periods of time, it is best to operate thespa heater at the maximum high temperature (to104°F), especially if there is a power outage threat.This will help keep the spa water from freezing ifyou have a power failure.

If you do not intend to use your spa during the winter months and there is danger of freezing, use the following steps to winterize your spa:

1. Turn off all electrical power to the spa.

2. Drain spa and hoses of all water.

Open all unions, and remove drain plugs from bottom of pumps. If you cannot draw off all of the water (especially from hoses), add Recreational Vehicle antifreeze to the remaining water through the bottom of the skimmer and jets. If antifreeze is used,it must be an inhibitor Propylene Glycol such asDow Frost™, available through Dow Chemical® distributors.­­­­­

Note:    Prior to refilling the spa, drain all antifreeze from spa and hoses.  Carefully monitor chemicals until all antifreeze residue has dissipated.

3. The filter should be drained, and the cartridge removed and cleaned.

4. Check to see that there is no water in the heater element chamber.

5. Clean your spa.

6. Cover your spa with a water-shedding, impenetrable cover.

Don't hesite to cal your pool specialist Poseidon to do the closing on your spa.

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