How to winterize your spa Dynasty by Trevi

05 March 2015

How to close your spa Dynasty by Trevi

Those are the recommandations of Dynasty by Trevi for the closing of the spa :

  • When winterizing the spa, Dynasty recommend putting RV Antifreeze in the spa and running it before draining the spa.
  • If the spa is not going to be used, drain completely.
  • Be sure all water is removed.
  • Break or loosen unions at each end of pump to ensure water from pump area is removed. Remove pump freeze plugs if so equipped. Using a shop vacuum, vacuum all jets thoroughly to remove any water left over in the plumbing lines.
  • Do not turn unit off with water in the spa. Frozen water may rupture plumbing. Freeze damage repairs are not covered under warranty.
  • Remove and clean filter cartridge. Store cartridge in a secure place to prevent freezing. If the spa is going to be used, maintain normal operating procedures and ensure cover is in place when possible.

Don't hesite to call your pool specialist Poseidon to winterize your spa.

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