How to winterize a spa salt system

05 March 2015

Pools and Spas POSEIDON, to know everything about spa closing!

How to winterize a spa salt system at the closing of the spa?

To preserve the life of the cell generating chlorine and proper functioning of salt, it is recommended to follow these steps during the spa closing.

  • Drain the spa
  • Unscrew the cell to make it exit the filtration system
  • Clean the cell using a hose
  • Put the cell on a pedestal to soak the cell (as needed)
  • Pour salt cleaning liquid cell in the cell (Lectra Clean Gotar or CellCleaner or (house blend of 30% muriatic acid with 70% water) and Salt Cell Cleaner)
  • Wait until the product no longer makes any bubble
  • Safely dispose of liquid
  • If the panel is on the outside and can not be removed, cover the panel with a plastic bag
  • Rince the cell
  • Store the salt cell and panel inside the house or in a cool, dry place (if possible)
  • Store the salt in a dry and cool place


This process is good for all salt systems on the market : In.Clear de Gecko, Tubby de Lectranator, OSS, Genesis

A closing of the salt system for the spa will allow you to extend the life of the cell and preserve the functional system year after year.

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