Water Issues

30 May 2011

Water loss Check the vinyl liner for imperfections or any signs of wear. If necessary, patch a vinyl. Look for tears or separations around all fittings, skimmer, returns, cleaner line etc... Check the inside of the skimmer for any trace of perforation. Check  ...

New tendancies in urban pool world

25 May 2011

Two trends oppose themselves in urban pool world. The pond or the swimming pool. And not only because of the size of your backyard. Owners Deux tendances s’affrontent en milieu urbain. Le bassin ou la piscine de natation. Et pas seulement en fonction de la di ...

Buying Guide - Heater

27 April 2011

Solar blanket Price: Between $50 and $150. Installation on a roll: $75. Pros: No operating costs. It limits exchanges between water and air. Ideal for keeping the water temperature. Cons: When it's cloudy, the water does not gain any degree. You must install a ...


26 April 2011

Bromine Sanitizer that has a low odour and is suitable for indoor and outdoor swimming pools, but is more commonly used for spas as it is heavier and evaporates less. Effects on pH: Small declination. pH: 4,5. Appearance: 2-part liquid system or sticks. Pros: ...


26 April 2011

Sand filter Price: Between $200 and $600; Sand: between $50 and $150. Pros: Biggest seller in Quebec, therefore product and parts are very accessible. User-friendly.  Provide adequate filtration. Easy to clean. Cons: Very heavy and take up space. Filtration pr ...


26 April 2011

Noisy pump The impeller might need lubrication or to be replace. Check the engine water inlet. Check the water inlet valves (main drain and skimmer) to be open. The noise might come from the engine vibration. You will need to solidify the engine to the floor ...

Filtration - Backwash

26 April 2011

When? We should do a backwash once a week, after vacuuming and when the filter gauge exceeds 5 pounds of pressure at its normal operating pressure (around 20). Why? To clean dirt from the sand filter. How? Turn off pump Put filter handle to the "Backwash" posi ...

Swimming in chlorinated pools would not be so good for health

01 April 2011

Swimming in indoor pools using chlorine as a disinfectant would not be so good for health, suggests a Spanish study that points to possible toxic effects at the genetic level among swimmers. Salt systems represents a great alternative to traditional chlorine : ...

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