Choosing a location for your spa

03 August 2011

Consider the following when choosing a location for a spa SAFETY FIRST: Do not place your spa within 3 m (10 ft) of overhead power lines. Ensure that the new spa is positioned to gain access to the equipment compartment and that the side panels are not blocked. ...

Recommendations - Pool and spa

02 August 2011

Recommendations - Pool and spa Open your pool as soon as possible (late April early May), after the ice has melted. Close your pool as late as possible (late October). Maintain your ideal chemical water to enjoy your pool without worry and without inconvenie ...

Forget your usual spa controller and use your cellphone!

21 July 2011

You have an Artics Spa? Do you know that you can now use your cellphone to control your spa. The free application is available on Android, Blackberry and iPhone. You can obtain more informations on the following link : http://www.eurospapoolnews.com/nouveautes_ ...

Spa chemical products list

19 July 2011

Spa chemical products list Oxy 35 Granular chlorine, non-stabilized lithium hypochlorite with a free chlorine of 35%. Dissolves quickly and easily, cloudy water. Spara Tab Shelf dichloro 20 gr. Chlorine Content 56%. Brome Tab Bromine tablets of 20 gr. ...

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