Metric Equivalent

05 March 2015

Metric Equivalent for pools and spas Feet in Meter | Meter in Feet 1 feet 0,3048 meter Yard in Meter | Meter in Yard 1 yard 0,9144 meter Square feet ...

Positioning and delivery of the spa

05 March 2015

CHECK THE DIMENSIONS OF SPA: Compare the size of the spa to the width of gates, sidewalks and gates along the delivery path followed to bring the spa in the garden. It may be necessary to remove a gate or a gate or partially withdraw a fence to ensure unimpe ...

New spa LED lights that increases security

05 March 2015

The EuroSpaPoolNews websited presentend a new spa LED lights that is in development from EVA Optic that increases the security of the users. The Optic QI model seems very interesting and has a good looking desing. A must see in the future... http://www.euros ...

Spa chemical products list

05 March 2015

Spa chemical products list Oxy 35 Granular chlorine, non-stabilized lithium hypochlorite with a free chlorine of 35%. Dissolves quickly and easily, cloudy water. Spara Tab Shelf dichloro 20 gr. Chlorine Content 56%. ...

New International Hot Tub Association

05 March 2015

Pool and Spa Poseidon learned through the Aqua Magasine website the creation of a new international hot tub association. This new association will address the high number of regulations of the spa industry. The president of ThermoSpas Andy Tournas gave an in ...

Maintenance of the Spa Shell

05 March 2015

Maintenance of the Spa Shell Do not use solvents or abrasive cleaners to clean the spa. Mild detergent and water are sufficient to solve cleaning problems. CAUTION: Never spray the panel with an electronic hose. This could cause a short circuit in the ele ...

Spa Bulb Replacement

05 March 2015

Spa Bulb Replacement - Turn off the power. - Remove the access door to the equipment compartment. - Identify the back of the spa light. - To remove the bulb, turn the housing counter-clockwise and remove the bulb from its socket. - Put a new bulb ...

Michael Phelps Spa

05 March 2015

Micheal Phelps spas from Master Spa The new trend in spas is found at Master Spa with their spectacular Michael Phelps spas. The spas are designed not only for relaxation but also for swimming, training, therapy and a family environment. These high-end spas ...

Recommendations - Pool and spa

05 March 2015

Recommendations - Pool and spa Open your pool as soon as possible (late April early May), after the ice has melted. Close your pool as late as possible (late October). Maintain your ideal chemical water to enjoy your pool without worry and without inc ...

Choosing a location for your spa

05 March 2015

Consider the following when choosing a location for a spa SAFETY FIRST: Do not place your spa within 3 m (10 ft) of overhead power lines. Ensure that the new spa is positioned to gain access to the equipment compartment and that the side panels are not bloc ...

Maintenance of the Spa Cover

05 March 2015

Maintenance of the spa cover Always keep the cover free of dirt. Clean the surface with a cover cleaner or a soft and warm soapy water. Do not use silicone-based products because they dry up and it could possibly crack the vinyl. BEWARE : Never stand on t ...

Spa Foundation

05 March 2015

Spa Foundation The new spa needs a good foundation. The surface on which the spa must be capable of supporting the spa must support the weight of the water in it and those who occupy it. If the foundation is inadequate, it can move or collapse while the spa ...

Filter Cartridge Maintenance - SPA

05 March 2015

Maintenance of the spa filter cartridge Remove the filter cartridge and ensure that no object falls into the cavity of the filter. They can cause obstructions to the movement of water. Every two weeks, the filter cartridge must be cleaned to remove the objec ...

Draining the Spa

05 March 2015

Draining the Spa Every three to six months, depending on the condition of the water, it may be necessary to renew the water. To prevent damage to the components of the spa, turn off the breaker before draining the spa. Do not turn it back on before the spa i ...

An essential support for the spa cover when closing the spa

21 August 2012

Pools and Spas POSEIDON, to know everything about spa closing! A support for spa cover is essential to install when closing the spa When you decide to close the spa during the winter, it is imperative to think about the protection of the spa cover. To prevent ...

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