How to winterize your Ozonator during your spa closing?

04 October 2011

WHAT SHOULD YOU WITH THE OZONATOR DURING YOUR SPA CLOSING How to winterize your Ozonator during your spa closing? When closing your spa or preparing it for the winter, be careful to properly winterize all spa accessories, such as Ozonator. The Ozonator is a rel ...

The importance of a good cleaning before your spa closing

04 October 2011

THE IMPORTANCE OF A GOOD CLEANING BEFORE YOUR SPA CLOSING Is it important to clean your spa and the acrylic during its closing? Prior your spa closure, it is suggested to do a good cleaning of the acrylic and of the inside and outside liner of the spa cover to ...

How to winterize your spa Dynasty by Trevi

03 October 2011

How to close your spa Dynasty by Trevi Those are the recommandations of Dynasty by Trevi for the closing of the spa : When winterizing the spa, Dynasty recommend putting RV Antifreeze in the spa and running it before draining the spa. If the spa is not going t ...

How to clean salt system for spa

29 September 2011

How to clean In.Clear  salt system for hot tub Those informations comes directly from the manufacturer Gecko. They suggest to clean the salt system cell at least once a year. A good time to clean it is when we close the spa or just before the winter time. The I ...

What should you do after your spa closure

15 September 2011

After the closing of the spa, you should: Clean your cartridges during winter and store them until next season. Store all accessories that have been left outside in a location where you can easily find them at th ...

What is the best time to close your spa

15 September 2011

When should you close your spa? It is recommended, but especially more pleasant to close your spa as late as possible. Therefore, if you want to close your spa, you must continue to do your weekly maintenance until your c ...

Doing business with POSEIDON for your spa closing

15 September 2011

Why should you choose POSEIDON to close the spa? It is important to do business with a professional for the following reasons: We are familiar with your spa and if you are a new customer, we will take care of all little ...

Spa Recovery

25 August 2011

Pools and Spas Poseidon can always inform you on your pool and spa installations. For this reason, we offer you a good amount of advices to maintain your installations effectively and keep them in a good state. All the emails or comments that we receive are tre ...

Cleaning the spa filter cartridge

18 August 2011

Cleaning the spa filter cartridge Turn off the spa and then follow the instructions below: - Press slightly and turn filter basket in the opposite direction from clockwise to unlock, then pull the cart and the seat of the cartridge. - Carefully unscrew the filt ...

Draining the Spa

16 August 2011

Draining the Spa Every three to six months, depending on the condition of the water, it may be necessary to renew the water. To prevent damage to the components of the spa, turn off the breaker before draining the spa. Do not turn it back on before the spa is f ...

Spa Bulb Replacement

15 August 2011

Spa Bulb Replacement - Turn off the power. - Remove the access door to the equipment compartment. - Identify the back of the spa light. - To remove the bulb, turn the housing counter-clockwise and remove the bulb from its socket. - Put a new bulb in place by re ...

Maintenance of the Spa Shell

11 August 2011

Maintenance of the Spa Shell Do not use solvents or abrasive cleaners to clean the spa. Mild detergent and water are sufficient to solve cleaning problems. CAUTION: Never spray the panel with an electronic hose. This could cause a short circuit in the electrica ...

Filter Cartridge Maintenance - SPA

09 August 2011

Maintenance of the spa filter cartridge Remove the filter cartridge and ensure that no object falls into the cavity of the filter. They can cause obstructions to the movement of water. Every two weeks, the filter cartridge must be cleaned to remove the objec ...

Maintenance of the Spa Cover

08 August 2011

Maintenance of the spa cover Always keep the cover free of dirt. Clean the surface with a cover cleaner or a soft and warm soapy water. Do not use silicone-based products because they dry up and it could possibly crack the vinyl. BEWARE : Never stand on the cov ...

Spa Foundation

04 August 2011

Spa Foundation The new spa needs a good foundation. The surface on which the spa must be capable of supporting the spa must support the weight of the water in it and those who occupy it. If the foundation is inadequate, it can move or collapse while the spa is ...

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