Pool chemical produts list

05 March 2015

Chemical products for the pool Granular chlorine 70% Granules of calcium hypochlorite for chlorination 70%. Economical source of unstabilized chlorine. Pellets 3'' - 200 gr. Chlorine tablets stabilized highly concent ...

Buying Guide - Heater

05 March 2015

Solar blanket Price: Between $50 and $150. Installation on a roll: $75. Pros: No operating costs. It limits exchanges between water and air. Ideal for keeping the water temperature. ...

Concrete In-Ground Pool : White Deposit

05 March 2015

Pools and Spas POSEIDON can always inform you on your pool and spa installations. For this reason, we offer you a good amount of advices to maintain your installations  effectively and keep them in a good state. All the emails or comments that we receive a ...

Safety - Swimming

05 March 2015

Safety - Swimming General: -Every swimming, completely remove the solar blanket to prevent a swimmer gets stuck under it -Do not swim if there is thunder or lightning storms -Keep a buoyant aid and a pole near the pool -Never dive into an above g ...

Recommendations - Pool and spa

05 March 2015

Recommendations - Pool and spa Open your pool as soon as possible (late April early May), after the ice has melted. Close your pool as late as possible (late October). Maintain your ideal chemical water to enjoy your pool without worry and without inc ...

Pool Backwash

05 March 2015

Pool Backwash When? When the gauge of the filter exceeds 5 lbs of pressure, the normal pressure is around 20, once per week, after vacuuming. Why? To clean dirt from the sand filter. How? a) Stop the pump b) Put the filter set to "Back ...

Swimming in chlorinated pools would not be so good for health

05 March 2015

Swimming in indoor pools using chlorine as a disinfectant would not be so good for health, suggests a Spanish study that points to possible toxic effects at the genetic level among swimmers. Salt systems represents a great alternative to traditional chlorine : ...

How to close an above-ground pool or semi-inground pool

20 August 2012

Pools and Spas POSEIDON, to know everything about pool closing! Above-ground pool closing, semi in-ground pool closing Here are the steps to close your pool : 1. Stop the pump 2. Put the valve on 3 positions so that you can close the skimmer and let bottom dr ...

Average depth of a pool

05 June 2012

How to know the average depth of a pool ? ____meters + ____meters = ______meters / 2 = ____meters (depth)at the part the most deep (depth)at the part the less deep (depth) ...

What is the best time to close your swimming pool

15 September 2011

When should you close your swimming pool? It is recommended, but especially more pleasant to close your swimming pool as late as possible. Therefore, if you want to close your spa, you must continue to do your wee ...

Water Quality Tests

29 July 2011

Water Quality Tests Verify the water quality with indicator strips or drops. Follow directions given on the box. Test for free chlorine, combined and total. Also test pH at each maintenance. Do an alkanity test once per week. Test for calcium hardness once a ...

Precautions for a swimming pool equipped with a salt system

27 July 2011

Precautions for a swimming pool equipped with a salt system Be sure that all the equipment (pump, salt system, water heater) are on the ground Check the salt level displayed on the controller twice a week, never go below 2600 ppm and never exceed 3500 ppm Chec ...

New tendancies in urban pool world

25 May 2011

Two trends oppose themselves in urban pool world. The pond or the swimming pool. And not only because of the size of your backyard. Owners Deux tendances s’affrontent en milieu urbain. Le bassin ou la piscine de natation. Et pas seulement en fonction de la di ...

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